"It's possible to create through your resistance!"

MARIYA MILOSHEVYCH: early 20s, attractive, sexy and ambitious.

She’s smart and mature for her years. The energetic go-getter who’s running the show.

She’s a Superhero girl who’s able to knock out a mobster and then throw on glasses and disarm a bomb thanks to her background in science. She will not compromise her integrity to satisfy others.

She would play Anne Hathaway type, playing roles that would show her quirckiness and then take a 180 degree turn to challenge the audience to feel out of the box.

She would book roles as a “rebel who goes out on a quest to do what is morally right”, “the girl-next-door who turns out to be a superhero”, “the nerdy hacker who is constantly inventing new technologies” or “the girl who is a runaway and came back to help her mother to get her life back together”.